We’re Hiring! Downtown LA Tour Guide

Seeking Local Anthony Bourdain for Food Tour Guide position

Six Taste is the largest food tour company in Los Angeles. Through our weekly food tours in different communities of Los Angeles, Six Taste exposes Angelenos and tourists to the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles through a 4-hour locally guidedtour where guests try dishes at up to 8 different restaurants.

We are seeking a tour guide to lead 1 to 2 tours a weekend in several of our food tour neighborhoods. You will be responsible for 1 to 2 4-hour shifts sometime between 9am-6pm on Saturdays or Sundays, with the opportunity to pick up occasional weekday shifts. You will be taking a group of guests on a walking tour around a particular neighborhood of LA, talking about the history, culture, and cuisine of the area.

Base pay will be $10/hr. Past tour guides have received $100+ in tips for a 4-hour tour.

The ideal candidate has a deep knowledge of LA’s food scene. The candidate will be energetic, eloquent, engaging and friendly, with an interest in the particular area’s history and food. This is a great opportunity for those that want to be an AnthonyBourdain in their own city.

* Must be local and have a reliable form of transportation. Parking will be covered.
* Must be energetic, friendly, articulate, good at customer service and comfortable interacting with groups
* Compensation: $10/hr + tips from tour

Extra Brownie Points:
* Flexible schedule
* Particular knowledge of Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Hollywood
* Speaks multiple languages

We are looking to hire immediately. Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@sixtaste.com. Only applicants that send both a cover letter and resume will be considered.


Your Next Foodie Trip: Portland

While slurping up a spoonful of delicious Kenyan single origin coffee from Stumptown, I asked our coffee expert why Portland is so obsessed with good food and drink. He looked at me through his thick-framed glasses and said “It rains here all the time. There’s nothing else to do but eat and drink.”

Two weeks ago, I spent a glorious four days eating through Portland, OR. I spent about a month choosing the best places to eat, consulting Chowhound, Yelp, recommendations from friends, Eater PDX, etc. The research paid off: We managed to eat at almost everywhere we wanted to go. The resulting trip led to an extra 5 lbs and a new obsession with the Northwest.

The first thing you’ll notice about Portland, coming from Los Angeles, is that it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between the homeless and the hipsters. Portland is like a whole city full of people from Silverlake. The second thing you’ll notice is that the food and drink is such a great value. I had a $30 tasting menu at Toro Bravo, and it was one of the best valued dinners in a while. We were served six or seven courses of inventive, flavorful Spanish tapas for only $30/person. In addition, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cocktail about $9. The third thing you’ll notice is that there is no sales tax. Amazing.

There is a quiet passion in the food and drink in Portland. Everyone just loves making, eating, and drinking damn good food. Moreover, they seem to be content with not becoming the ‘Next Big Thing’, and that gives these artisan food makers an irresistible charm.

Four days was not enough time. We will be anxious awaiting our next planned trip, where we will go back to Portland, head up to Seattle, and then to Vancouver for an epic food adventure. Until then, we’ll just put a bird on everything.

Want to see our itinerary? Check it out here.

Essential Travel Sites You Need To Know

Now that Anthony Bourdain is leaving the Travel Channel, someone has to fill his shoes, right? I want to see the entire world. I want to see how other cultures live day-to-day, to experience the best foods in different countries, and meet interesting people. Seeing the world will give me a better appreciation for what I have and a better sense of what I want in life.

However, running a food tour company means that you generally need to be here in LA. Still, I have the travel bug and often find myself day dreaming of taking off around the world. Despite that I don’t have a definitive plan for my wanderlust, I do know what services I plan to use when I travel.

I hope this short list will be of use to you who might be planning a summer trip, but if you plan to stay in town this summer, try being a tourist in your own city. This summer, Six Taste is running a Staycation campaign. Instead of spending thousands on a trip overseas, explore LA’s great ethnic neighborhoods with Six Taste. Book your tour today!


With places to stay in over 192 countries, you can find a room in most cities around the world. AirBnB gives homeowners an option to rent their house for a short period of time to guests that might be traveling. Their rates are often anywhere from 25-50% off hotel rates. Some people rent out their couches, or their third bedroom. Some rent out their entire house at affordable rates. AirBnB is revolutionizing the ability for travelers to find an affordable place to stay, virtually anywhere.


With 1 million users, Gogobot has seen tremendous growth over the past two years. Labeled as a social travel discovery and advice site, Gogobot gives travelers all the tools they need, from hotels, vacation rentals, thing to do, and restaurants. Think of it as your one stop shop to plan your next traveling trip. With a heavy emphasis on community engagement, interacting with your Facebook friends, unlocking badges, and recording your trips, I think Gogobot is on its way to becoming the comprehensive guide to travel online.

Virtual Tourist

Virtual Tourist, while it has access to hotels, travel guides, and more, its particular use comes from the community information in a forum setting. Particularly fascinating is its deep information about various scams in different. When you travel to a new place, it’s easy to be a target. Prepare yourself by searching virtual tourist forums on scams in your country. A detailed overview of the most common scams will ease your mind as you travel abroad.


Yelp continues to be a trusted site for restaurant recommendations in places you’ve never been. While I travel, I often put together a list of places I want to eat using Yelp as a guide. I’ve found some great local joints and hole-in-the-walls using Yelp’s reviews. It’s geo-location serves as a particularly great function when I’m out and about, and just looking for the closest great place to eat. Yelp’s iPhone app is my most used application on my phone.

An inside look at DinTaiFung

We love taking guests of our Delicious Dumpling tour to DinTaiFung in Arcadia. Guests learn the proper way to eat dumplings and get a sampling of several different flavors. Why do we love DinTaiFung so much?

DinTaiFung established its reputation and have been highly praised by the media including being selected as one of the top ten restaurants in the world by the “New York Times”. It has also been voted as the most favored dining place by political and commercial celebrities and is one of the must-see places for national and international stars.

Pretty much sums it up. Check out our Delicious Dumpling tour today! [Book Now]

Downtown treasure, food tour dream

If you’re looking for something that’s a cross between the village mercats of Catalonia and something out of a Raymond Chandler novel (probably a getaway scene of some sort) that also happens to be the epicenter of downtown foodie-ism, then look no further. Grand Central Market is at once a tourist’s dream with it’s close location to a metro stop and the Angel’s Flight but also a must-see spot for locals who want to get a sense of what they’re missing in Downtown’s increasingly lively food scene. They’re one of our favorite stops on our Downtown LA tour—come and check it out with us next weekend! [Book Now]

Six Taste Perks: How-to Lamb Butchery (and a celebratory meal afterward!)

Carnivores unite! We’ve got exclusive tickets for an upcoming butchering demo (lamb, if you were wondering) at Cafe Libre by celebrated chef & instructor, Chef Farid Zadi (yes, you read that correctly). Exciting for all our meat-loving fans and for the mildly-butchery-curious, there’s a delicious five-course meal afterward. More details after the jump.

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A closer look at our eating habits (literally.)

We got a little info-graphic crazy around the office…check out a few of our favorite foodie-graphics!